Sunday, 24 May 2009

Slipping Through My Fingers

Catching up with me...

My regular readers may remember an earlier post, in which I ummed and ahed about what to do over summer. Well, it's update time!

"Should I stay in Madrid, or go back to the UK?" I deliberated: the answer is I'm staying in Spain until the end of August. "What about living arrangements?" I wondered to myself: not too much of a problem, considering I'll have half a month to look for a new place, once my exams are over on the 18th. "How am I going to support myself without help from the Student Loans Company?" I fretted: I've bagged myself a teaching job, allowing me to work when and for as long as I want, which will also give me the freedom to read for pleasure and for my final year at university, as well as embark on a couple of creative writing projects I have had floating around in my head. "What about my eventual return to the UK? Won't I have so much to deal with in little time?" I worried: not if I've already found a house to move into, the deposit for which I will have paid by the end of this week; and being prepared for university shouldn't be a problem, since I'll have started the reading long ago.

So, there we are. That's my Summer sorted. All I have to do is make sure I avoid a nervous breakdown during the last week of classes...

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