Saturday, 9 May 2009

Trailer: Coming Soon...

Watch it and laugh; or weep - it's still ridiculous...

It seems that everybody's been jumping on the whole video blogging bandwagon, recently. As I have just recently acquired my own web camera, I thought I'd play around with what I could do, and the above is what I managed after goodness knows how many hours! Next time, I'm just talking...


  1. HA! Clever.
    You spent HOURS with the webcam? Don't you have exams coming up? tsk tsk....

    I'd make one but I shall remain mostly faceless in this wonderful Internet. Anonymity is great.

    Looking forward to seeing more video entries. After you've studied for exams, of course.

  2. Don't forget to put your face on luv.

  3. ahahaha - it's even better the second time round

  4. I have to think that even if you just talk, it's still going to take a long time because even if you have a script to read or notes to follow, you will still spend time editing and then re-editing the thing afterwards.

  5. Dusty: How do you think I cope with the pressure of upcoming exams? Why, talk shit on the internet, of course! I know what you mean about anonimity, though. I've been flooded with fan mail, already!

    ka-os: Your love and support is duly noted...

    Tim: It's like cheese and wine - it gets better with age and is always popular at a party.

    Curious: Don't you worry about me. I'm very good at constructing sentences in my head and letting the words flow. The only thing I'll be editing is the visual footage.