Sunday, 24 May 2009

News Brief: 18/05/09 - 24/05/09

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Sri Lanka's Rebel Leader "Killed"
"Sri Lanka's military has announced the death of feared Tamil Tiger rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran..." - Oh, well, then that solves everything. No more terrorism in Sri Lanka ever!

World Bank Resumes Zimbabwe Aid
"The World Bank has agreed to give $22m (£14.4m), its first assisstance to the heavily-indebted african country since 2000..." - Good! Revolutions happen when things are getting better, not worse. Either that, or America can storm in and change the régime. No? Ah, well, aid it is, then.

Spain's Franco "had one testicle"
"A new book claims the spanish dictator, General Francisco Franco, may have had more in common with Adolf Hitler than previously known - having one testicle..." - I don't even know where to begin with this one...

Obama Presses Netanyahu Over Two-State Plan
"US President Barack Obama has urged visiting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a Palestinian state..." - Well, good.

Speaker Quits "for sake of unity"
"Michael Martin has told MPs he intends to stand down, so becoming the first Commons Speaker to be effectively forced out of office for 300 years..." - This is what happens when the media whips up a silly furore over something endemic in the political machine of the UK. A figure of respect has become a sacrificial lamb. It makes me sick.

China and US Held Secret Talks On Climate Change Deal
"A high-powered group of senior Republicans and Democrats led two missions to China in the final months of the Bush administration for secret backchannel negotiations aimed at securing a deal on joint US-Chinese action on climate change, the Guardian has learned..." - Well goodness me, Bush admitted in secret that there was a problem, after all!

David Cameron Has Dealt Well With Expenses Crisis, voters tell Guardian/ICM Poll
"A sizeable majority of voters say Gordon Brown has handled the crisis over MPs' expenses badly and most believe David Cameron has dealt with it well, a Guardian/ICM poll reveals today..." - When they chart the demise of New Labour, will this so-called "crisis" be referred to as the final nail in the coffin...? More on the whole debácle here.

The BNP Represents British Workers? They Don't Even Represent Basic British Craftsmanship
"I was born in the 70s and grew up in a tiny rural village. There was, I think, only one black kid in my primary school. One day, someone pushed him over and called him "blackjack". The headmaster called an impromptu assembly. It involved the entire school, and took place outdoors. No doubt: this was unusual..." - You tell 'em Charlie! Read this article, if you care about what's happening to the UK.

The Ley de Extranjería (Foreign Policy Law) Will Allow for Work Permits to be Given Out to Women who Have Suffered Domestic Abuse
"The Government has substantially modified the project of reforming the Ley de Extranjería. The definitive version which, as announced by Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in the State of the Nation debate, has been has been postponed for review by the State Counsel, recognises several suggestions made [including] the treatment of victims of domestic violence..." - Nice to see the Spanish Governement proving they care.

Image of the Week: "Franco has only got one ball; the other is in the Albert Hall..." Just not as catchy, for some reason...

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