Sunday, 31 May 2009

News Brief: 25/05/09 - 31/05/09

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Obama Chooses Supreme Court Judge
"US President Barack Obama has nominated has nominated Sonia Sotomayor to serve on the country's Supreme Court. Ms Sotomayor, 54, who has now to be approved by a Senate vote, would be the first Hispanic to take the position..." - I'm pleased President Obama is making such descisions in favour of the minorities, but it seems the gays are being put on the backburner...?

Nigeria United Fan Kills Rivals
"A Manchester United football fan in south-eastern Nigeria drove a minibus into a crowd of Barcelona supporters, killing four people, police say..." - Talk about bad publicity. Neither of the teams are even Nigerian!

Pakistan "nearing Swat victory"
"Pakistan's operation against Taliban rebels in the Swat valley region should be over in the next few days, the country's defence secretary has said..." - I very much doubt it. These people have been hanging around for twenty-odd years. They won't give up that easily.

I Am Sick of my Country and this Hysteria Over MPs
"People have been led to believe that we are governed by a corrupt political class. This is sanctimonious nonsense..." - God save The Guardian for speaking sense!

Obama: halt to New Israeli Settlements is in America's Security Interests
"Increasingly fractious relations between the US and Israel hit a low unseen in nearly two decades yesterday after the Jewish state rejected President Obama's demand for an end to settlement construction in the West Bank, and the president responded by suggesting that Israeli intransigence endangers America's security..." - Maybe so, but what about Palestine's security? Incidentally, it is very unlike Israel to not do as its told by its Sugar Daddy...

800 Britons on Waiting List for Swiss Suicide Clinic
"Record numbers of Britons who are suffering from terminal illnesses are queueing up for assisted suicide at the controversial Swiss clinic Dignitas, the Observer can reveal..." - It's bad enough these poor people are denied the chance to die with dignity in their own country, but the article goes on to mention that this might provoke debate over the law in the UK's House of Lords. Progress is a very slow process.

"In this Obama era, Cinderella stories no longer have smitten princes, balls, or crystal slipper, rather Cambridge degrees, masters in Peruggia [no, I don't know what that is, either] or the dream-come-true of honouring one's slave ancestors through the use of her governmental position. The protagonist of this story es Paula Marcela Moreno Zapata, Colombia's 30-year-old culture minister. The trailer for the film of her life will read: the first afro-colombian woman to reach the peak of a country in which members of her community count for 20% of the population..." - Black, female, young, and Hispanic? The colombians are way ahead of the USA!

Neither Spain nor Morrocco Informed Me of My Mother's Death
"In the neighbourhood of La Condesa, a suburb of Castillejos [in the south of Spain], the the morroccan district is in mourning. 27-year-old Mohamed Aouzlat, dressed in a white jellabah, pained, serves tea to dozens of neighbours, family and friends who have attended his house to pay their respects. His mmother, 53-year-old Zohra Boudaghya, died on Monday [25/05/09] morning, along with her friend, 33-year-old Bossra El Meriouti, crushed in a human avalanche in the comercial district of El Tarajal, a large base of provisions for the black-market trafficking between Spain and Portugal..." - A tragic story.

Paula Marcela Moreno Zapata - Colombia's first black minister

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