Thursday, 23 July 2009

Today, the Unimaginable Happened...

What a Wonderful Feeling!

As I left my apartment, this morning, I was shocked by the sight of clouds and rain! In Madrid! In July! Were I in London or Edinburgh, this would have been more of a disappointment than a surprise, but MADRID! IN JULY!

I didn't even have anything appropriate. I had to dig out my old clothes to find my waterproof.

Ladies and Gentelmen, Damas y caballeros, Sanya's gone native...


  1. oh summer showers in Madrid are funny.

    I guess it's against the tradition to prepare for them. You need to get all soaked in your bermuda shorts and flip flops!

  2. I was so shocked, I had to knock on my housemates' room door to tell him. It was as if some earth-shattering news had broken out... And I did get soaked...