Sunday, 12 July 2009

My Words Are All I Have

I can't quite remember who I may have heard say it, or where I may have read it, but avid readers should always have a crack at writing. So, once again, I'm going back to my roots, andin the absence of board-treading I'll be ferreting away at my computer or hunched over a notepad, scribbling with wild abandon. That's the hope, anyway. So, as if you cared, here's a list of what I hope to have written by the end of August.

1) One play - The idea for this came to me back in October, and I've been "working" on this since January, but now that summer has come, I can finally give it the attention it deserves. I shan't reveal what it's about, since that would be telling. Tough.

2) Two short stories - Both on the subject of travelling and individual experiences. One is based on an odd moment I wrote about, a few months back.

3) Two articles - That's right: commissions! Albeit unpiad, my friend's father has asked me to write about my experiences as a foreign student thrown into the Spanish university system. The other is a comparison of Hispanic and English literature. Fascinating, some of you must be thinking.

4) Two essay translations - I translate between languages for fun. No, really. To add to this embarrassing revelation, the essays are my own, written for school, this year.

I have given myself until the 31st of August, which, as of tomorrow is exactly eight weeks. Hmm...

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