Thursday, 9 April 2009

Now You See Him...

A Visual Representation of Sanya in the Blogging World

My most avid readers will have noticed that an entire week has passed since my last post - no witty flippancy, no random bits and pieces, no Sunday News, and no mention of la cultura española. Well, agruably I rarely include the last one in here, anyway, but the point is I have been invisible. Well, do not fear - I didn't slip into the void with all the Daleks and Cybermen, nor did I find myself walking around in a near-apocalyptic Earth run by a despot wearing an eyepatch (ask your parents). Neither of those romantic rambles are responsible for my recession into the reaches of nowhere. Rather the truth is that a) I've been busy preparing for my monster trip around Spain with two friends from London (one of whom is the aptly-named Stupendous: look him up); and b) I have already been on the first leg of said journey, and have been unable to get decent access to t'Internet.

Fear not, for I have been clever, and have recorded a day-by-day account of most of our goings-on, and you can look forward to the first episode tomorrow. For now, be content with the small fix I supply you, and shut your stinking junky mouth, alright!

Hasta mañana

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  1. Good god. I'm gone for... 3 days and now all these long posts. *grumbles*