Sunday, 29 March 2009

News Brief: 23/03/09 - 29/03/09

Headlines and Interesting Stories This Week

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GM Chairman to Leave US Carmaker
"The chief executive of struggling US car company General Motors - Rick Wagoner - has agreed to step down..." - I can't tell you the amount of Wild West puns came to me when I read this one. "Head 'em up, roll 'em out, Rawhide!", or "Wagons roll!", anyone? How about my favourite: "Off the Wagon"?

Madonna to Begin Malawi Adoption
"Madonna has arrived in Malawi to begin the process of adopting a second child from the african country..." - One slave wasn't enough?

Madoff UK Offices in Fraud Probe
"The UK offices of disgraced US financier Bernard Madoff may have been significant in his fraud, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) believes..." - Well, what a surprise! I spoke about this man earlier, here.

Spanish Town Cancels Bullfighting
"The residents of a small town in central Spain have voted in a referendum to cancel their annual bullfighting festival because of the economic crisis..." - Qué pena, as we don't say about cruel pseudo-sports.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith Embarrassed by New Expenses Row
"The home secretary, Jacqui Smith, apologised today (29/03/2009) for an expenses claim which included adult films watched by her husband..." - I laughed my head off at this one; whoever said politics was seedy?

The "Revolution" Starts Here as 35 000 Pack the G20 March
"They hoped for 10 000, but in the end more than triple that number turned out on London's streets for the biggest demonstration since the beginning of the conomic crisis..." - Good for them, but will G20 listen? What's that in the sky? It's large, pink, and has wings!

It's a Wrap!
"Wearing a hijab and following fashion is all about layering, says Jana Kossaibati. So what do you do when the weather gets warmer?" - Err, TAKE IT OFF!

Transsexual Man Expecting Twins Sparks Ethical Row
"A 25-year-old transsexual man in Barcelona has announced that he is pregnant with twins, prompting debate in Spain about the ethical use of reproductive technology..." - Ah, live and let live. If Ricky Martin can, anyone should!

DISCLAIMER: All articles in Spanish only

Morrocco Deports Four Spanish Missionaries on the Grounds of "Proselytism"
"After Shiíte muslims and gays comes the turn of evangelists. Morrocco today deported five evangelical missionaries - four of whom are Spanish - condemning their "proselytism". The fifth is German..." - A "missionary" tends to proselytise. What did they expect them to do? Cakes don't come for free, you know!

Biden Assures that Spain is a "solid" Ally Despite Disagreements Over Kosovo
"'The relationship we have with Spain exceeds any disagreements we may have over Kosovo. Sometimes there may be a lack of adequate communication, at least on one side, but I am certain that there will not be any impediment in our alliance despite having disagreed over Kosovo'..." - Jeez, we get it, Joe! You're friends, and you agree to disagree!

Image of the Week
Parliament turns its lights off for 60 mins
Source: BBC News

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  1. Madonna must be having a race with.... what's her name... brain freeze... Angelina Jolie, to see who can adopt more.