Sunday, 9 August 2009

Video Nice, Video Nasty

This Week: Charming and Engaging Children's Television

"In a dark, dark town, there a was a dark, dark street.
And in the dark, dark street, there was a dark, dark house.
And in the dark, dark house, there were some dark, dark stairs.
And down the dark, dark stairs, there was a dark, dark cellar.
And in the dark, dark cellar, some skeletons lived..."

What do you get when you take Griff Rhys Jones' voice, some nifty animation, and simple repetition of an unconventional theme (namely, the lives of skeletons in a parallel universe inwhich everyone is skeletal)? Funnybones, that's what.

I could have chosen a number of programmes I remember enjoying as a child, but for some reason, Funnybones stuck in my mind, purely for it's originality. No patronising, no moralising, just some good old-fashioned adventures.


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