Sunday, 23 August 2009

Summer Holiday: Segovia

The Roman Aqueduct in the centre of the Historical City

I really can't complain about my Summer. I've been living in Madrid, working (which is more than 17% of the Spanish population can say for itself), and reading anything I can get my hands on. In between all of that strenous activity, I have been on three day trips. I would have liked it to have been four (beach, two Historical Heritage Cities, and another beach), but one can't have it all. To top it up, this time I was accompanied by Tim: you know the one.

Most of the day was spent walking around looking at old buildings - and discovering my love of particularly interesting doors, see below - and fanning ourselves in the shade, talking politics and bitching about certain people who shall not be named here. As an aside, I feel really sorry for Tim: this week was not one of my best, and he had to put up with my moaning as I offloaded all of my frustration on him while he was supposed to be on holiday. In any case, we did have a nice day out, compounded by the timely and exquisite lunch (cuts of roast suckling pig: mmm) and the good old laugh at Spanish tourists jostling for a good photo position at the top of the aqueduct dating back to the Roman occupation. That and the genereous helpings of self-made clara con limón (that's beer and lemonade; shandy to those of you who want to lower the tone).

As per usual, photos follow.

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