Monday, 10 August 2009

Summer Holiday: Salamanca

The Plaza Mayor (Grand Square) in Salamanca

I had always imagined Salamanca to be like the Spanish equivalent of Oxford or Cambridge. I wasn't far off. All of these cities have a large university student body; all have their own unique history stretching back centuries; all are full to the brim with beautiful and inspiring architecture; and all are cities whose univeristies I wish I were clever enough to have been able to study at.

Once again, I was only there for a day trip, but I had a lovely time, nonetheless. Here are some scenic snaps. Enjoy.

PS: To Eduardo. After ten minutes looking, and starting to look suspicious, I didn't even find the frog. Tell me, it doesn't really exist, does it? Didn't have any pinchos, either...



    It's on top of the skull!

    And when I was there, every bar had pinchos!

  2. Did you take these all by yourself?

    Looks gorgeous.

  3. Eduardo - Damn! I totally missed it. I only stopped at one restaurant near the Puente Romano. I spent the rest of the time moving about the historical centre and relaxing in the Huerto de Calixto y Melibea with my book.

    Garçon - I did. All my own work, thanks. Wait 'til you see the rest of them, on Facebook.

  4. Just loved your photos and am now very inspired to visit Salamanca. So far, am loving your blog . . . love your style. Off to read more.

  5. Thanks, Gloria, and Welcome! There's plenty more wher it comes from, although Sanya won't be in España for very much longer... :(