Sunday, 28 June 2009

Movin' On Up

M People. Where are they, now? What kind of name is "M People", anyway?

I love that song. A woman is fed up of her boyfriend, and leaves him, claiming to be "movin' on up, [...] movin' on out." Why? "Time to break free", for "nothing can stop me." How inspiring...

I, myself, am going through a similar experience; but no boyfriends. In fact, I've used the fact that I'm simply moving house as a great big excuse to stick that song on the blog. Have you ever seen such a conceit?

Anyway: yes, I'm moving. After nine months in the haven you see to the left and right of these paragraphs, I'm upgrading to a new pad for the summer. The main reason is the cost. I can't afford such a champagne lifestyle on the beer money I receive as a wage. Now that summer has come, the Student Loan and Grants people go on holiday (actually, they don't: they spend summer processing applications, the poor sods). All this means that the five-star-Michelin Restaurants and High-Class Hookers are no longer available to me. Instead it'll be movie-and-a-microwave meal and anything I can pick up in the nearest burp bar.

I jest, of course: I've been extravagant but poor all year, using the student loan money to pay the extortionate rent, while living off my earnings as an English teacher. The only difference, now, is that I'll have more students to look after. I was sensible enough (for once) to have the foresight to save money, and can more or less pay off the summer rent in one go, and enjoy a stress-free house life with no money-grabbing landladies to worry about.

You may note that the room seems to look as though there are no plans to move at all. That's because I took the packing boxes out of the room before snapping away. DUH! Come Tuesday, the place will just be another empty husk, filled only with air, heat and the musk of memory. To misquote an insignificant regional poet, "Farewell, sweet room", "parting is such bloody hard work."


  1. Are you a neat freak....? That desk is amazingly organized (compared to mine). You even had a piece of napkin under the glass!

  2. OK, I grew up living in an untidy dump, so I try and fight this by making sure I have plenty of space and order. Yes, I like tidiness.

    How the hell did you work out I'm left handed? Was it the position of the glass which gave it away?

  3. Mostly by the position of your laptop and notepads on the desk; and how you stack your books (on the white bookshelf).