Saturday, 6 June 2009

Goodbye, Ms La Rue

Danny La Rue, entertainer. Born 26th July 1927; Died 31st May 2009

Six days ago, Britain's best-known, and arguably best-loved "comic in a frock", hung up his dresses for the last time.

Danny La Rue made drag performance "acceptable" (not that it ever needed to be accepted, of course) by a mainstream audience, reminding them that, for all his glamour and style - not to mention his humour - he was indeed a man in woman's clothing and make-up. He was a true inspiration for later performers such as Lily Savage.

Read all about Ms La Rue's success in the Guardian's tributes to him: the report of his death is here; his obituary is here; Michael Billington's summary of his style here; and a life of performance in photographs here.

Ms La Rue, you will be greatly missed.


  1. It's been so long I had completely forgotten who Danny La Rue was. The 70's and my childhood really are dead now.

  2. Gosh... would you believe I've never seen Ms La Rue until now?

  3. Curious - Ms La Rue was so well-loved, even my father enjoyed watching him. That age really is gone.

    ka-os - I'm surprised you didn't know about him. To be fair, the older he got, the less he performed...