Saturday, 6 June 2009

Hold the Front Page! Homophobic Rapper Gets Ass in Face!

Watch the Saga in All its Ass-Face Glory!

The famous prank-filled MTV awards did it again. I wonder how much planning went into getting an intelligent straight satirist who impersonates a gay television presenter to "accidentally" land on top of a well-known rapper in a 69 position in such a way as to have his bare bottom directly in front of said rapper's face. According to Perez Hilton, of all people*, the "hitch" was indeed a stunt, but one wonders what the aim of the MTV people was.

Of course, the whole thing looks staged - the landing was far too clean and slow enough to avoid any health and safety issues - but how does Eminem benefit from it? He has made his views on homosexuality clear enough over the years, and we all know Bruno is a character creation of a provocative performer who often goes out of his way to show up the prejudices of those surrounding him. Looking at Eminem's face, I don't get the impression he is particularly enjoying the ordeal. After all, he stormed off in a huff after the event. Which leads me to two conclusions.

First, if the stunt were completely accidental - or if Eminem had no idea of what was about to happen - then he comes off as looking just like possessing that humourless self-important ego we all expect such famous people to have. Eminem, known for satirising other performers and public figures in his songs and videos, can't take his own medicine.

However, if he was in on the joke, how does Eminem look like a good sport? He still swears, grunts and looks disgusted at the idea of an ass in his face; and his bodyguards are still rough with Cohen/Bruno, shoving and punching him off their beloved benefactor; and Eminem STORMS OFF. He looks just as homophobic as ever.

In neither circumstance does Slim Shady come out well. I'm not too concerned with how much of an insult this stunt may or may not be to the gay community - my fellow bloger Don Diego deals with that - since you know what? I know how to laugh at myself.

I also know how to laugh at celebrities. Ha. Ha. Ha.

*Please Note: I'm not a regular Perez reader, he came up on a Google search.


  1. Isn't this just a scene from the next Sacha Baron Cohen shot on the cheap since now he doesn't have to pay for all those people in the audience? Plus Eminem will probably have a much bigger part in the movie because what was shown there was obviously staged.

  2. You're right, it doesn't quite make sense. I wonder if it was staged, but Eminem didn't know quite how far it was going to go, and is now trying to save face by saying he was in on it all along.

    And "I'm not a regular Perez reader"... You protest too much... ;)

  3. haha, Cohen has a nice ass, i wouldnt have minded.

  4. Curious - According to the views, this is pretty much the same as Borat but gayer. Also, what with Cohen being much more recognised, these days, it is a little harder for him to get away with these stunts unless it is a celebrity thing.

    Dusty - Not your cup of teah, huh?

    Ka-os - I have a feeling you're on the right track. That is, he knew "Bruno" would land on him in a 69 position, but had no idea he'd have bare ass in his face...

    Stupendous - That's because you're gay and a disgusting sinner ;)