Friday, 2 January 2009

Goodbye, Ms Kitt

Eartha Mae Kitt (Keith), Singer and Entertainer. Born 17 January 1927; Died 25 December 2008

On Christmas Day 2008, the legendary performer, Earth Kitt, succumbed to colon cancer.

The star was famous for, among her other achievements, her feline purr, sultry voice, and playing Catwoman in the gloriously camp 1960s Batman TV series.

In the mid 1980s, she made a name for herself with a new generation by releasing a series of hit disco-pop singles, beginning with "Where Is My Man", and continuing with similarly titled successes "I Don't Care" and "I Love Men".

She wasn't all camp charisma and gay abandon, though. After becoming a virtual pariah in the USA, when speaking out against the Vietnam War, she spent time touring in Europe, where she had a consistently appreciative fan base, before returning to her home to make the comeback only a true Diva could: in style.

Her rendition of "Santa Baby" will always be one of the most memorable, and is posted below for your pleasure. Also, you can read The Guardian's obituary here, and the BBC report of her death here.

Ms Kitt, you will be greatly missed...

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